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A cookie is a tiny data file that we save on your computer in order to keep track of what happens during your visit, as well as to be able to recognise the computer.

We use the following cookies:

Tracking: We track the number of visitors, users’ navigation patterns on the site, and the way in which they access the site (via search machines, links, etc.).

Function: Cookies that ensure a uniform appearance on the entire site as well as faster loading times, while enhancing your experience with the sites’ functions.

Third-party cookies: There is access to functions from other sites via our website. Videos, links and the like can contain cookies from these sites – for example, they can detect when you use a function on their site via our site. Some examples of third parties in this regard can be a provider’s comments, as well as blog fields, Vimeo, HR-On or YouTube.

If you would like more information, you are more than welcome to contact us.