Capital and Maintenance Dredging

We develop and maintain waterways globally to support the economic growth and seaborne trade of tomorrow.

Creating the maritime infrastructure of tomorrow

Rohde Nielsen contributes to the development and maintenance of ports, navigation channels, rivers, and other waterways globally. We have what it takes to meet and exceed the demands of our clients, and with a diverse fleet of specialised vessels, we have all the skills needed to get the job done safely and on time.

Whether it is the development, deepening, or maintenance of new berths, terminals, fairways, or canals, Rohde Nielsen has the ideal equipment and technical capabilities to undertake any challenge. That, together with our overall adaptability, has resulted in an unparalleled track record of successfully completed Capital and Maintenance Dredging projects carried out by Rohde Nielsen.

Long-standing experience meets cutting edge technology

Our experience within Capital and Maintenance Dredging goes back to 1968. We continuously acquire new technology, knowledge, experience, and the necessary competencies for meeting and exceeding the strict requirements of clients.

With a fleet equipped with some of the most advanced environmental technologies, we guarantee sustainable execution and minimal emissions during operations. We ensure that projects are carried out in the most optimal way, benefitting the overall project finance, the process, and the construction quality.

As part of our long-term Maintenance Dredging contracts, we assume the responsibility for keeping global waterways open and ensuring the necessary depths of water year after year.

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A unique fleet ready for the next challenge

With a diverse fleet, Rohde Nielsen can perform Capital and Maintenance Dredging projects in all material densities. We are capable of dredging in all types of soil and seabed, enabling us to carry out even the most challenging projects anywhere in the world. With a combination of trailing suction hopper dredgers, grab dredgers, backhoes, and survey vessels, we can monitor progress, ensure exact compliance with project design, and achieve results of the highest precision and quality.

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We strive to retain our position as one of the largest dredging and marine contractors in Europe and to be a preferred partner in projects worldwide.

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Capital and Maintenance Dredging

We develop and maintain waterways globally to support the economic growth and seaborne trade of tomorrow.

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