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Whether it’s Beach Nourishment, Land Reclamation, Port Development, Offshore Trenching and  Backfilling, Rock Works, or Capital and Maintenance Dredging of ports and waterways, we approach the project with an unwavering determination to get the job done safely and on time.

With decades of expertise, reputable international certifications, and a large fleet of purpose-built vessels, we work with nature when building resilient and sustainable societies, creating maritime infrastructure, and helping push the green transition forward.

That’s how we maintain our position as one of the largest marine contractors in Europe, as well as to be a preferred partner in projects worldwide.

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We strive to retain our position as one of the largest dredging and marine contractors in Europe and to be a preferred partner in projects worldwide.

Beach Nourishment

Creating, preserving, and restoring coastlines and beaches to protect life along the coast.

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Land Reclamation

Building a safe foundation for future cities and global industry.

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Capital and Maintenance Dredging

We develop and maintain waterways globally to support the economic growth and seaborne trade of tomorrow.

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Offshore Services

From landfalls and trenching to seabed preparation and rock installation, we work with operational accuracy to safely bring power ashore.

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Port Development 

Contributing to the development and extension of ports and navigation channels globally.

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