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Whatever the challenge, we know we have a responsibility to face it with respect and care for the environment we work in. We have made significant investments in advanced climate mitigation technologies, fleet decarbonisation, and innovative project execution.

An example is the new advanced vessels, equipped with diesel-electric propulsion, powered by dual-fuel engines capable of running on 100% HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil – second-generation biofuels), in addition to large battery packs that enable 100% electric operations.

Our goal is to minimise negative impacts while increasing positive contributions to our oceans and shores.

We are pleased to present our recent Sustainability Reports.


2023 – Sustainability report (Spread)

2023 – Sustainability report (Print)

2022 – Sustainability report (Print)


Sustainable initiatives

We are investing heavily in new advanced technologies, work methods, and cutting-edge fuel solutions to reduce the impact on our environment and the surroundings we work in. Selective catalyst reduction, diesel particulate filters, and second-generation biofuels serve as important measures for emission control.

Advanced propulsion systems, combined with innovative and green vessel design, allow us to limit our energy consumption and increase efficiency.

We are currently completing the conversion of one of our largest trailing suction hopper dredgers, Njord R, into the fleet’s largest Hybrid Ultra Low Emission Vessel (ULEV). It will join its sister vessels, which have already set high environmental standards by achieving the same ULEV notation.

Safety first

To safeguard tomorrow, you need a safe workplace. Not only are our people the cornerstone of our success, but we also consider them family. Their safety and well-being are, therefore, of the utmost importance to the company.

With targeted training and structured implementation of health and safety in our working culture, we have succeeded in creating a positive and safe working environment.

Furthermore, we have increased productivity and innovation by actively creating an inclusive atmosphere with diverse employees.

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Creating, preserving, and restoring coastlines and beaches to protect life along the coast.

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Building a safe foundation for future cities and global industry.

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We develop and maintain waterways globally to support the economic growth and seaborne trade of tomorrow.

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From landfalls and trenching to seabed preparation and rock installation, we work with operational accuracy to safely bring power ashore.

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