Cockburn, Maintenance dredging

Shell sand for quicklime production

The client “Cockburn Cement Ltd.” produces quicklime at their cement plant at Munster in WA, a production which requires a continuous supply of shell sand, dredged from a specific area, offshore at Owen Anchorage, West Australia. The Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger “Modi R” is allocated to the project, supplying a monthly average of 130,000 m³ shell sand.

After loading Modi R precisely navigates close to the Woodman Point Jetty Reclaimer and dumps load next to the jetty for Cockburn Cement to reclaim the Shell Sand (2-10 minutes).

  • Location: Owen Anchorage, Western Australia
  • Scope: 1,500,000 m3 anually
  • Client: Cockburn Cement Ltd.
  • 2018-2030

The fleet that made it possible

  • Modi R
Hopper capacity
Length overall
Draught loaded
Draught unloaded
Dredging depth

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