Our fleet

Rohde Nielsen runs a modern fleet of specialised and versatile vessels operating all over the world. Whether your project is close to shore, on shallow water, or offshore, we are capable of delivering on your ambitions with a broad variety of vessels equipped with the latest technology.

One fleet for all projects

Regardless of location, conditions and operational requirements, Rohde Nielsen has a strong organisation and the necessary vessels to get the job done right, on time, and with care for the environment we work in.

Our highly manoeuvrable vessels with shallow draught are capable of working close to the shore. Because some have been modified and strengthened, and they all have the most sophisticated technology on board, our vessels can operate in the most challenging conditions.

Superior technical solutions, a well-maintained and highly reliable fleet, and strict control of logistics are key factors enabling the very dedicated staff and seafarers to meet operational deadlines on time – and within budget.

Powerful and reliable vessels

Dive into our fleet and explore how it can get your job done.

Hopper and Grab Dredgers

Our wide range of hopper and grab dredgers are tailored to accommodate specific requirements.

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Multi-Purpose Vessels

Powerful offshore grab dredgers and rock installation vessels, specifically tailored for offshore trenching and other seabed preparations and reinstatement works.

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Backhoe Dredgers

Backhoe dredgers are powerful and very efficient production units working in environmentally responsible ways.

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Bucket Dredgers

Our Bucket dredgers meet strict environmental parameters, which include high accuracy with low turbidity.

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Hopper Barges

Our hopper barges can be used in a wide range of projects and provide a continued and effective service to any stationary dredger.

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Barge Unloaders

We offer several shore and offshore possibilities for pumping materials ashore.

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Survey Vessels

We offer a wide range of survey vessels, intended for single beam survey, multi beam survey, and volume calculations for our clients and for dredgers.

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Tug Boats

Rohde Nielsen offers a variety of tug boats.

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A shipyard in our own backyard

With our own repair yard and a logistics center located in Grenaa, Denmark, we can support our fleet anytime, anywhere, to uphold efficiency, minimise operational downtime, and meet the needs of our clients.

Featured projects worldwide

Your preferred marine contractor

We strive to retain our position as one of the largest dredging and marine contractors in Europe and to be a preferred partner in projects worldwide.

Beach Nourishment

Creating, preserving, and restoring coastlines and beaches to protect life along the coast.

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Land Reclamation

Building a safe foundation for future cities and global industry.

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Capital and Maintenance Dredging

We develop and maintain waterways globally to support the economic growth and seaborne trade of tomorrow.

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Offshore Services

From landfalls and trenching to seabed preparation and rock installation, we work with operational accuracy to safely bring power ashore.

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Port Development 

Contributing to the development and extension of ports and navigation channels globally.

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